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Low Voltage, Medium Voltage and High Voltage Connectors and Fittings up to 800 kV.

Our renowned product families include connectors and fixing hardware under the AMP, Simel and Utilux brands for low, medium and high voltage overhead and underground networks. These products have proven their reliability for decades in complex applications such as substations, overhead lines, underground networks, grounding, OEM and industrial applications.

  • Mechanical connectors up to 230 kV.

  • Compression connectors type eyelet one and two holes, type H, type C etc.

  • LV and MV insulation piercing connectors.

  • Wedge type connectors, AMPACT, Miniwedge, stirrups, etc.

  • Connectors for grounding systems

  • Ground rods UL stamp and economy type.

  • Connectors for Substations up to 800 kV.

General catalog LV and MV Connectors and Fasteners

Illustration complete solutions for Substations

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